Why Nantucket Creature Care?

AKC S.A.F.E Salon


 AKC S.A.F.E. 

(Safety, Assurance, Fundamentals, Education), covers best practices focusing on pet care, health and safety, and provides vital information on safety measures and protocols within the grooming facility.   

What is Fear Free Grooming?


Fear Free Grooming incorporates concepts and everyday practices that are learned and utilized to ensure that the grooming experience is as enjoyable as possible for every pet, every time.   

Certified by: Fear Free 

One size does not fit all


 Very early on (I mean back in the day!) I discovered that I found great pleasure in looking after animals well.  

Every animal I take in to my care I treat like one of my own. 

On that premise grew the objective of Nantucket Creature Care. 

To take the time to understand and identify the individuality of each pet in our care, and  use that information to provide a personalized and positive interaction maintaining dignity and respect.  

Frequently Asked Questions

What is matting?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

 Matting occurs when dead hair gets tangled with live hair and compounded by grease and oil.  

Brushing through matts and tangles can cause pain to your dog and depending on how bad the tangles and matting is can cause damage to skin and coat.  

What is your policy on removing matts from the coat?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

 Many factors to consider when deciding how to remove mats from a dog’s coat.  The dog’s personality, the type of coat, the size of the mat and the location i.e., is it next to the skin or further away from the skin, these issues contribute to the decision whether to remove matts or cut the hair short.  

Removing matts from a coat is decided on a case by case basis. 

The comfort of the dog is paramount, the golden rule kicks in here:   

Humanity before vanity!  

Can regular grooming eliminate shedding?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

Regular grooming can help control shedding, but regular grooming will not eliminate shedding.    

De-shedding is the process of removing dead hair from your dog’s coat. 

Regular brushing at home combined with frequent grooming can help.

How long does a groom take?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

The length of time it takes to groom your dog will depend on coat type and texture, the size of your dog,  length of hair and how accepting the dog is of the grooming process. 

It can take anywhere from one and half hours to four hours. 

How often should my dog have its nails trimmed?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

Nails should be trimmed at least every 4-6 weeks, or as needed.   

Bigger or heavier dogs regularly walked on cement or concrete will wear their nails naturally more over smaller lighter dogs that are walked on grass.  

Our senior dogs who lead a more sedentary life style may need nails trimmed more often. The goal here is to keep the nails trimmed so they do not interfere with the dog's natural gait.

What Products Are Used?

Nantucket Dog Groomer

   We select the best quality grooming products available with the health and well-being of your pet in mind.  ​We choose products that are cruelty-free, and are manufactured from naturally derived cleansers sourced from earth-friendly components, and are made in the USA whenever possible. . 

 "I think it was the beginning of Mrs. Bond's unquestioning faith in me when she saw me quickly enveloping the cat till all you could see of him was a small black and white head protruding from an immovable cocoon of cloth. He and I were now facing each other, more or less eyeball to eyeball, and George couldn't do a thing about it. As I say, I rather pride myself on this little expertise, and even today my veterinary colleagues have been known to remark, "Old Herriot may be limited in many respects, but by God, he can wrap a cat. "  James Herriot