Grooming Services

Full Grooming

  • Bath - For the bathing process we shampoo twice and follow up with a deep conditioning treatment or rinse. Products are manufactured from naturally- derived cleansers sourced from earth – friendly components, made in the USA whenever possible.  
  • Hand Dry - no heated cage dryers are used, fluff dry, which results is a tangle-free coat PLUS it allows another opportunity to get hands on your dog to understand any issues.  
  • Complete Brush Out - helps remove dead hair, excess undercoat and tangles.  
  • Nail Trim -  dog’s nails grow just like their human friends. Keep nails well-trimmed to prevent discomfort for your dog.  If you hear clickety-clack across your hardwood floor that's your reminder!  
  • Pad Trim - keep the hair trimmed from your dog’s pads to prevent matting, tracking dirt into your home and sliding along wooden floors.  
  • Ear Cleaning - removes dirt and debris from the ear.  
  • Sanitary Trim - need we say more!   
  • Hair Cut - we all know what the right hair cut can do for our good looks!
  • Bling - bandanna or bow to finish the look!


Dogs are as unique as ourselves, and for that reason, pricing is based accordingly.     

We can provide an estimate depending on

  • Size & weight
  • Coat type
  • Condition of coat
  • Lifestyle
  • Disposition of the dog. 

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Additional Services

Puppy Packages


Don't wait until the teenage years! 

Once fully immunized, you can then begin to get your puppy accustomed to the idea, that grooming is a part of regular doggie days!  

The earlier, the better,  short regular sessions followed up with brushing at home is the  best way to begin.  

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Nail Trims


In need of a Nail Trim?

 Nails are trimmed using nail clippers and/or buffed to round off sharp edges. 

A Clean Slate


Sometimes our dogs have grown fearful or have learned to dislike one particular aspect of grooming for one reason or another. 

Let's face it -  these dogs are probably never going to learn to love being groomed. 

Understanding that Rome was not built in a day is helpful place to start over.  

Over time some dogs may learn to tolerate aspects of grooming  by establishing routine, consistency of habit and developing trust. 

Call to discuss a plan specific to your dog's needs.   



To get answers to common questions use the FAQ page.  

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De-shedding Treatment


 De-shedding is the process known for removing dead hair that ends up all around your house and car!  

The process involves multiple shampoos, and deep conditioning treatments using the best de-shedding products,  

a force dryer, and good old elbow grease to remove loose and dead hair from your dog's coat.  



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"Cats are connoisseurs of comfort." 

                                                James Herriot